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Gianna Gragnani

About the Owner

Gianna Gragnani attended Loyola Marymount University where she majored in Communications Research and minored in Theater Arts. She worked as a Junior Publicist for the prestigious Rogers & Cowen PR firm in Los Angeles where she built up her marketing and communication skills.  Exploring her business options after college, she spent a few years as a professional poker player working in casinos before finding her calling in web development, design and marketing.

In 2006, Gragnani began her career as an HTML and CSS web developer at Real Pie Media. She was instrumental in further extending the reach of websites for heavyweight clients such as; Radio Disney, Universal Studios and Fox Searchlight Pictures. Gragnani was promoted to lead web developer during her tenure there where she and her team were also awarded the Favorite Website Award (FWA) for the ‘Get On Board Now’ campaign.

Always ahead of the curve, Gragnani saw a need for a middle ground in web design and development industry that rarely existed and sought out to create her own company. The majority of web development options were either too expensive for the common businesses to afford, or were very inexpensive yet completely inefficient and unreliable, resulting in the final product never being up to par. She says, “There are so many good companies out there that really deserve a fighting chance and the necessary competitive edge of a truly professional looking website.”

In February of 2008 Gragnani launched Pride+Pixel which specializes in highly customized service for socially positive companies that are just starting out or in need of complete rebranding overhauls. As a unified team, Pride+Pixel only takes on clients they believe in and truly wish to succeed. Some client examples include; teaching children foreign languages, saving animals, providing aide for schools or crop insurance for farmers in the San Joaquin Valley. Pride+Pixel has helped to build sites which expose the rampant problem of child sex slavery in foreign countries and showcased films that promote world citizenship, among other important concerns.

Pride+Pixel is a company that supports privately owned businesses as well as non-profit organizations who are contributing positively to the world at large. Choosing to focus on the needs of this niche market, Gragnani has since built up an impressive roster of clients ranging from educational development and public school districts to documentaries, property management and public relations. The intimate setting of creating an online presence for a new brand or existing idea is always a delicate procedure. Gragnani says, “You need to simplify information while still encapsulating everything that a company is capable of offering and organizing that content so that it is easy to navigate through. We are fast, efficient and effective.”

In 2010 Gragnani was presented with an Award of Recognition from the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) Board of Education for spearheading the rebuild of the entire school district’s online communication systems and internet presence. To get this done, Gragnani delivered multiple heartfelt speeches to the IUSD Board of Education on “Community Through Technology,” and inspired fellow designers and developers to donate their time for an estimated $30,000 worth of web development and design hours, free of charge. The easy-to-use CMS system that Pride+Pixel created for the IUSD has specific access permissions for dozens of contributors in each school/department and can also be controlled by one administrator, all the while highlighting the best achievements of the district and its students.

An expert in effective communication, Gragnani understands that web design and development doesn’t stop when a website is first finished. She says, “It’s important that we love our clients because if there’s an emergency at three a.m. or you need to work on a Saturday to help someone, you really want to care about what you’re doing.”

Pride+Pixel makes it a point to work with a wide variety of charity organizations and forward-thinking companies, no matter how big or small their budget might be. Maintaining socially positive practices is essential for both Gragnani and Pride+Pixel. She says, “I try to be someone who inspires others positively, creatively and intellectually; and I search out people and companies who will do the same.”

When Gragnani is not working tirelessly to build her business and helping to save the world one website at a time, she enjoys kick boxing, traveling and taking photographs around the world. Her images have been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and several online forums as well as on her photography website: giannagragnani.com.

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CitationI love Gianna! She has taken our website from a basic WordPress template to an work of art that I continue to get compliments on. She is so much more than a vendor, even though we are based in different states and have never met, I feel like she is a friend and I completely trust her opinion. She takes the initiative to inform me of what changes I should be making to my site and which are not worth the investment.

Gianna is the 4th web designer I have worked with and she will be the last (unless she retires). I cannot recommend her or her services enough.
Shalonne Foster, CEO + Creative Director, Fashion Network Seattle
CitationIf you hire Gianna I'll be very upset since I want her all to myself!
Gianna is the best kept secret in web design and development.
Expert SEO, master developer, and fun to talk with to boot!
Joseph Weisfish, Shadik Technologies
CitationI have received nothing but excellent comments on my website which Gianna designed, complete with customized tabs, buttons, etc. She was highly recommended to me by a friend, and I am so grateful for his referral! Gianna is by far one of the most professional, creative and enthusiastic people I have ever worked with. Her in-depth knowledge never ceases to amaze me, and she is always patient with instructions and an excellent teacher if you choose to edit your own site (i.e. for blogs, mass email)
I highly recommend her and her services. You will NOT be disappointed!”
Caryn Antonini, Early Lingo